Refrigerator Repair

Fridges are an important part of our daily lives and the operations in our home. It keeps our food fresh for longer. Essentially making the fridge the hardest working appliance in your home, but even the hardest workers break down. If that happens to your fridge, you must act fast to avoid the cost of ruined food.

There are luckily some checks you can do yourself, although most fridge repairs need a professional’s insight. You’ll find the needed tools around your home to help you identify the issue. A screwdriver or drill is often what you’ll need, and spare parts for a fridge can be sourced with relative ease.

By trying DIY, you can save your time and money, including the lengthy process of hiring a technician. The do-it-yourself repairs are simple and can often consist of simply ensuring the controls are set correctly, power is reaching the device and the condenser coils are clean.

Cleaning your condenser coils for your fridge ideally should be done once or twice every year, this boosts the length of time your appliance will last for. For side-by-side fridges and built-in fridges, twice a year is enough. If the coils are at the back of your fridge, you can clean them less regularly. Vacuuming them is an easy way to clean them.

12 Common Refrigerator Issues

  1. Noisy

Fridges are naturally a noisy appliance in the home. 29% of people said that their fridges were noisy. If you notice the fan is the source of the noise, and it’s louder than it should be, it may require a replacement. If you leave it unattended, your fridge could stop cooling.

  1. Fails to Start

If you’ve done the basic checks of making sure the fuse in the plug hasn’t blown and the breaker isn’t tripped, it could be the capacitor for the relay. Checking the control board and control for temperature is a good starting place, often these can stop a fridge starting. A total of 18% of people report this issue.

  1. Leaking

Leaks are the worst kind of appliance issue, it can ruin the appliance itself and your floors. Usually, this is down to the gaskets or valves on the fridge. However, if your fridge includes an ice maker, this can be the source too. 20% of people report this issue.

  1. Ice Maker Not Making Ice

Fridges that have ice makers sometimes can stop working or making ice. Ensure that the filters have been checked for debris and that the inlet valves and tubes have been checked too. Look for external damage. Only 6% of people report this.

  1. Refrigerator is Too Warm

Your fridge needs to be cold to keep your food fresh. The common culprits are the diffuser, air damper, and the baffle, these allow cold air to get into the fridge. Around 6% of people report this.

  1. No Water Dispensing

If the built-in water dispenser isn’t dispensing water, it could be one of two things… The water valve or the actuator, both could possibly be broken. Only 3% of people report this.

  1. Fridge and Freezer are both too warm

Keeping the temperature regulated in the fridge is very important. If both your freezer and fridge are too warm, it could be the fan motor for the evaporator, the sensor for the temperature or the control switch.

  1. Faulty Lighting

Lights being faulty can be sorted by replacing the bulb, if this still doesn’t sort it, the socket could be defective. If the lighting in your fridge is dimmer than it should be, the repair is your best option.

  1. Fridge Runs for Too Long

If you notice that your fridge is running for longer than usual, there could be an issue with the defrost heater or the defrost timer, both of which can be replaced.

  1. Sweating Door

Usually, when your fridge door is sweating, it can be the door seal or the gasket. Often this can require a new door assembly.

  1. Fridge is Too Cold

Fridges can get too cold, and usually, this is because it’s getting too much cold air. If your air damper is faulty, it can cause this. Ensure that the control board and sensor for temperature are working correctly.

  1. Freezer is Too Cold

If the freezer on your fridge is too cold it could be the temperature sensor or the thermistor. Although as the above issue it can be the air damper, of which would require repairs.

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