Oven Repair

We use our ovens every single day. Without your oven, preparing meals is hard and baking is impossible without it. Ovens require much more care than any other appliance in our home.

But even if you maintain the appliance regularly and care for it as you should, the appliance can break down and fault. A malfunctioning appliance can turn your day upside down. Avoid that frustration and hire a professional appliance repair service that offers same-day repairs, hire Robert’s Appliance Repair.

Robert’s Appliance Repair is on hand to get your appliance (range, cooktop or oven) up and running before the day is done. Our team is certified professionals with the experience and skills needed to fix any oven problem, regardless of the brand or model.

Signs Your Oven Needs Repairs

The things that could be at fault with your oven or stove are endless. Below are listed some of the common issues we see with ovens…

Incorrect temperature

All ovens should hold the temperature you have selected when preheating the oven. If the temperature within the oven is different from what you’ve set, your owner’s manual should explain how to recalibrate the controls. If after recalibration, your issue is still ongoing, give us a call.

The appliance won’t turn on

If you’ve done the regular checks by ensuring the breaker hasn’t tripped and the fuse within the plug hasn’t blown, there could be a few more reasons your appliance isn’t turning on. It could be the internal wiring, the controls or even the broil or bake element. If it’s a gas oven, it could be the gas controls, igniter or valves.

These issues are generally not DIY, so we recommend against attempting to fix them yourself. Don’t put yourself in danger of shocking yourself, call an expert repair technician.

The oven light isn’t working

Usually, if the oven light stops working replacing the bulb would sort it. If however, it doesn’t sort it, the culprits could be the light switch being faulty, the internal wiring or the controls for electrics. Our team of professionals can sort this with ease.

The appliance door doesn’t open or shut

If your oven door won’t open or close, it could be down to the hinge being damaged or defective. This usually requires the entire door to be disassembled and the side panel removed. We do not recommend DIY for this, instead call a professional.

The oven doesn’t self-clean

If your oven has the self-cleaning capability, it requires the door to close and lock fully. It could be down to the door switch being faulty but could also be the temperature control, thermal fuse, thermostat, wiring or the control board. Our team is trained to deal with this problem to have your oven up and running quickly.


Unfortunately, rust can be expensive to fix and often it’s a better choice to replace the oven entirely. This can often be caused by cooking extensively and moisture in and around the oven.

Our team will be able to explain the best next steps and even help you source another oven.


If your oven shows any of the above signs of an issue, give us a call today.

Why Choose Robert’s Appliance Repair of Burien?

At Robert’s Appliance Repair, we’re happy to let you know that we provide a guaranteed satisfaction experience. With fast and excellent quality repairs by fully insured and trained engineers, all at competitive prices.

Don’t wait for your appliance’s issue to worsen. Call us today and schedule your appointment.