Ice Maker Repair

Ice makers are a god-given gift in the hot summer months, and we absolutely take them for granted. When they break down, it can be a luxury we miss dearly. If your ice maker does break down, call Robert’s Appliance Repair of Burien, WA today.

We’re able to provide fast troubleshooting and repairs for your ice maker, along with maintenance, all of which at budget-friendly rates. Our professionals are trained to provide service to any model of ice maker, including but not limited to:

  • Portable Ice Makers
  • Built-In Ice Makers
  • Ice Machines that are modular
  • Self-standing Ice Machines

The Common Ice Maker Faults That We Repair

The following are some of the common issues we see with ice making appliances. If your appliance experiences these issues, call us ASAP.

High freezer temperature

If your ice maker is attached to a freezer, and the temperature of the freezer is higher than 10 degrees F, it most likely won’t make ice cubes. You can test this with a thermometer to see the temperature of the appliance. If it’s anywhere above 0 degrees F, lower the temperature settings.

Then wait. After a few hours test again and see if the ice maker produces ice again. If you still experience issues, we are on hand to help and troubleshoot the appliance issue.

No ice in the ice maker tray

Usually, this fault happens in the instance where no water is able to get to the appliance. This could be due to the water pressure being low or the water valve being defective.

Often when a valve is malfunctioning it’s due to the buildup of minerals, which blocks the valve and stops the release of water. However, the issue can also be due to a failure in electronics. Our engineers are trained to pinpoint the reason for the issue and give you a cost-effective solution.

Ice machine doesn’t eject ice

If your ice machine is making ice, however, won’t release it, the main culprit will be the assembly for the ice maker. It could be just one single internal part that’s having issues, but usually, with ice makers, the main assembly will need to be replaced instead.


This is often due to parts on their own being hard to source and so it’s often cheaper to replace the entire assembly as many brands and models are similar.

The ice maker is leaking

A leak is the worst kind of fault with any appliance, it can ruin walls and floors, and even other appliances. But before you call an expert, there are a few things to check. Make sure that your appliance is level on the ground and inspect the supply line for water for any external damage.

Often with these appliances, there will be a cup aligned with a water funnel. Make sure that this is aligned. If you’ve checked the above then give us a call, we’ll inspect and give you options going forward to get it sorted before the end of the day.

Other culprits include thermostats, control boards and switches (which you should ensure is in the correct position).

Call Robert’s Appliance Repair of Burien, WA

For the best service in Burien, that provides fast, budget-friendly and professional repairs, give us a call. We believe in delivering a repair service that doesn’t cause you extra stress, providing our repairs for all brands and models of an ice maker.

We’re available all the time, to make sure your appliance can be fixed quickly. Give us a call ASAP so that one of our team can investigate and schedule an appointment today.