Freezer Repair

A freezer is an appliance we often take for granted. We store hundreds of dollars worth of food in this appliance that keeps it fresh for a long time. So when it breaks down, our world can turn upsidedown. But before you rush to purchase a new freezer, call a professional appliance repair company.

Robert’s Appliance Repair of Burien, WA is your number one choice for appliance repairs and maintenance. Our professionals are able to resolve issues both big and small while extending the life of your appliance. Regardless of brand or model, we can help.

Telltale signs your freezer needs repair

The freezer is too cold

A freezer can get too cold, and when it does you’ll notice. If left unresolved, ice and frost could take over and ruin your appliance. If your freezer is warm to the touch but the freezer is cold inside, the defrost heater could have a fault.

Our engineers are able to test and troubleshoot the problem to find the faulty part, recommending a viable solution. Other culprits for this issue could be the damper controls and it’s assembly or the motor for the evaporator fan.

The freezer isn’t cold enough

It’s recommended, by the FDA that your freezer remains at 0 Fahrenheit. If your temperature isn’t cold enough then your food could be at risk of spoiling. And if it’s warmer than that, bacteria can grow and thus release diseases into your home.

To troubleshoot this issue, make sure that the dial for temperature gauging is set correctly. You can consult your manual to see where the setting should be. If your freezer has a thermometer built-in, you can monitor this.

But don’t panic, our engineers are able to fix this issue with ease before it worsens. Call us today.

There’s frost inside your freezer

Although most freezers will have some frost, if you notice a large amount of it, there could be an issue with the freezer. There are a few issues that could cause this… It could be the drain tube, the door being left open for a long time or the door gasket being ripped.

If warm air is able to get in, it will often build up frost within the appliance. If your drain is frozen, the freezer will fill with moisture and lead to more frost.

The freezer just won’t turn on

If you’ve done the basic checks by ensuring that the fuse hasn’t blown in the plug and that the breaker has not tripped, your freezer could have a deeper issue.

If there is however a problem with the electric supply, it’s best to consult an electrician beforehand. It’s likely if the problem isn’t with the power supply, that it could be the control board, timer, compressor or thermostat.

One of our professionals can investigate the issue and provide you with a good, budget-friendly solution.

Call Robert’s Appliance Repair of Burien, WA

Any appliance in your household can break down, and so can freezers. All of this can still happen even with regular maintenance and care. If the inevitable does happen and your freezer faults, call us. We’re the number one choice for freezer repairs in the region, and we’re dedicated to getting your appliance running as good as new before the day is done.

You can be happy that our service comes with a satisfaction guarantee and excellent rates that work for you.